Making the Natural Switch

So you might be asking yourself why essential oils?

  • Essential oils are natural, effective, safe and powerful.
  • These oils are pure, they are gift from the earth, and they're potent.
  • The major uses of oils are topically, aromatically, and internally (once they're approved internally in the Philippines).
  • They go right to the root cause, and they bring a ton of side benefits instead of side effects.

The doTERRA Difference

  • With doTERRA the thing that I love the most is their third party testing.
  • You can rest assured that when you receive your oils and your products that they are Certified Therapeutic Grade third party testing (CPTG).
  • They are going to be the top, number one quality of essential oils.
  • doTERRA Co-Impact sources all of their products. Now what that means, is that they grow and harvest their products in each plant's natural habitat.
  • The Co-Impact sourcing has been a really great way to give people jobs, while making sure that we get the top quality ingredients possible for these essential oils.


Nice to eMeet you!

  • I’m Jyl Johnson Pattee, a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.
  • I’m passionate about
    natural solutions.
  • As a biz coach, your success is my
    #1 goal.
  • I live in Utah, U.S. +
    Manila, Philippines.
  • I’m married with 2 teen boys + a beagle named #Hashtag.

Meet the GROW Success Team!

The GROW Team is a fast growing, successful group of doTERRA Wellness Advocates (business leaders).

  • We are located all over
    the Philippines.
  • We are known for our inclusive, welcoming vibe.
  • We embrace the philosophy that “when one grows, we all grow.
  • We follow a hands-on coaching, education, and process-oriented approach to ensure individual and team success.
  • Giving back to our communities is a HUGE part of our WHY!

SHOP Around!

doTerraa Oils

Check Out the Oils

doTERRA offers four opportunities for natural health, home, personal, and pet care solutions.

  1. Enjoy doTERRA essential oils at 25% OFF the retail rate with a wholesale membership.
  2. Get FREE product via doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program.
  3. Earn commission by sharing doTERRA product.
  4. Own your own doTERRA Wellness Advocate business.
Before you decide which path you'd like to take, I'd love you to see for yourself the variety and top quality products that doTERRA offers along with their uses and benefits (no purchase necessary).

FREE Consult

Enjoy Improved Health!

  • So getting started with sampling the doTERRA products is really simple and I'm going to give you two different easy ways to decide if you would like to buy some doTERRA product.
  • Shop online at our website!
    There's a video and there's a step-by-step list of instructions on that page that walk you through how you can get to the website and how you can look at the products and see all that's available from doTERRA in terms of their natural solutions, essential oils, and essential oil-based products.
  • Get a free wellness consult.
    We sit down for 30 minutes to an hour, discover what's going on in your life right now, what's working, what we can easily make a natural switch to, and create a plan to level up your health and wellness goals.
  • Phone, Facebook chat, video chat, Viber, cell phone call or text, or even in person.

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Let's Connect!

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  • eMail
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  • Online (Facebook Messenger, Video Chat, Viber, Etc. )

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