BIZ Opportunity


Share Natural Solutions

1. You can use the products, and that's it.

You can shop, you can use them, you can use them with your family. You are just going to be a great user of natural solutions, and you are going to benefit individually from your essential oils and essential oils based product purchases. That's number one. You use the product. If you're going to use the product, I recommend you sign up as a wholesale customer and that way you would be able to get 25% off all of your purchases.

2. You can be a sharer.

What that means is basically you are buying the product yourself, but then you are also making product recommendations to your friends and family. You know when you have something that you buy or a service that you get and you can't wait to tell everybody else because it's so amazing? So if you are that type of person who loves to share your recommendations with other people and help them find solutions, then you would be a sharer. In this situation, you would want to sign up as a wellness advocate because when you do, every time you make a recommendation and somebody purchases under you or as a result of your recommendation, you would get a commission. So that is what it's like to do number two, be a sharer.

3. Now number three is being a leader.

As you go up these levels, it requires more and more investment of time, energy, and even finances. But you're still kind of at that third level, right? You're going user, sharer, builder. This is the first time that you're really going to start investing in your own business where you are not only recommending products, but you are also encouraging people to look into the doTERRA opportunity and consider joining as wellness advocates themselves if you feel like that solution is in their best interest. So if you would like to be a builder by enrolling other people under you as a doTERRA wellness advocate, then this is what number three is for you.

4. Now let's talk about path four, and this is the highest level of investment.

Path four is all of the things we talked about. You would be a user, you would share the products, you would recommend them to other people and you would sign people up to be business leaders. But at this level four, you are a true leader. You are coaching the people on your team, you are helping them to develop better business skills. You are helping them to learn how to grow their network. You are sharing the things that work for you in your doTERRA business, with others on your team. You're collaborating with other growth success team leaders and you are figuring out how you can best help your team to grow and be successful, again, because when one wins, we all win. So if you can see yourself either now or in the future becoming a doTERRA leader, then this is going to be the path that is the very best for you.

The benefits that come from this path, now this isn't a get rich quick scheme, so like any other business, there is going to be investments of time, energy, money, going outside your comfort zone, trying new tactics, marketing, those types of things.

But we are all here for each other. So if you see yourself at a more serious level of involvement, level four, becoming a doTERRA leader, whether you start there or you end there, if that is where you want to be, we definitely want to have a conversation.

If it sounds exciting to you, I would love to get on a call, email, text, go back and forth on Facebook chat or Viber, get on a video chat, meet up in person, whatever you would like. I am here for you, and I would love to help you make the decision. Again, there's no obligation, there's no high pressure. It's all about what are your needs and how can I help you grow?