Okay. You may be asking yourself why doTERRA? You know now, that essential oils are natural, effective, safe and powerful, right? So you're deciding to make this natural switch, but you're asking yourself, "Look, there's so many different places to get essential oils, so why would I purchase from doTERRA?"

  • First of all, the thing that I love the most about doTERRA is their third party testing. There is a number on the bottom of every single doTERRA bottle. You can go to a website and you type in that number of the bottle, of any bottle, any product that you buy, and that website is going to tell you the test results for that product. Now what you can rest assured of is that doTERRA is never going to sell product that has not met the stringent test requirements from this third party testing. So doTERRA has come up with a system called therapeutic, sorry, certified therapeutic grade third party testing. Now, the acronym for that is CPTG, certified therapeutic grade.
  • doTERRA also, they Co-Impact source all of their products. The Co-Impact sourcing has been a really great way to give people jobs, while making sure that we get the top quality ingredients possible for these essential oils. Now what that means, is that they grow and harvest their products. What doTERRA has done is not only do they pay the farmers fair wages and make sure that they are fair in their dealings with the farmers and anybody that doTERRA employ's in these countries, but also that they give back. So they're helping to uplift and to really lift these villages and any of the places, whether they're villages or not out of some of those poverty type situations by helping provide wells, or clean water, or education or healthcare type charitable contributions.
  • In line also with that giving mentality, doTERRA has created their own 501c3 which is, or their own charitable organization called Healing Hands. There are some products that when you buy them like the hope oil, it's called hope touch. When you get the hope touch, 100% of the proceeds of that oil goes to the Healing Hands charity. Now also, doTERRA in the different areas of the world chooses charities that are very specific to helping out with the issues that a specific country or population would be dealing with.
  • But I have to say that having been part of an organization like doTERRA that encourages you both through financial means like buying products that support the charities, but also by giving back directly with your time. Having that kind of encouragement really made it so that our team said, "We really want to give and now we know a place where we can give." I'm really grateful for doTERRA for providing essential oils that are natural, effective, safe and powerful, but also ensuring the top quality through their certified therapeutic grade testing process through third party organizations.

If you would like to learn more about doTERRA, you can visit doterra.com and check out just read more through their blog post. There's a lot of information about their Co-Impact sourcing and then the various places where they source their products. If you would like a free sample, I would love to send you one. So please fill out the form on the website and let's get you a free sample right away. Thanks.